First CREE-P2L data now available

Last week, Cherry Hill Alternative school was the first to receive its CREE-P2L data report. Today, data reports have been delivered to the first three schools in Iowa that completed data collection.

I have also finished the first round of reliability and validity analyses of CREE-P2L data, and the results are extremely encouraging. Chronbach’s alphas range from .85 to .90 in student data and from .87 to .94 in faculty data, which are excellent. I have posted these findings on the CREE-P2L page on IEE website.

We are now in position to run data reports quickly for the remaining schools in Kansas and Iowa, and will do so as soon as we get word that they are done with data collection. It is exciting to report that the assessment component of Power2 programming is taking shape, and schools can begin to use their own data for benchmarking, reflection, and planning further efforts.

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